My Philosophy

Balance is a vital component of an athlete's fitness routine. With a specifically designed yoga program geared towards your athletes’ sport, we are able to create balance in the physical and mental aspect of their performance. Athletes endure a great amount of stress and strain on their bodies and the intense amount of mental stress from competing in a competitive atmosphere could prevent them from being able perform at their highest capability.

I seek to coach athletes to utilize proper movement patterns and balance to aid in dynamic sport re-activity, transitional balance, skillful movement, strength and power. My programs are each uniquely created to translate these skills into each athlete's targeted sport by increasing their mobility, agility, and functionality. This produces  better players and all around better athletes. My training programs are also specifically designed to be conscious of proper mobility to aid in injury recovery and prevent improper movement injuries.


While teaching and coaching proper range of motion and proper alignment, I am able to increase the athletes’ mobility, stability, flexibility and balance, thus making them a better player and all around athlete. Increased agility and functionality of their movements, along with the strengthening of their muscles and joints transfer into their targeted sport and will aid in injury recovery and prevent improper movement injuries.


  • Power yoga classes will build strength, stamina and muscle mass.

  • Deep stretch classes will allow for muscle release, and flexibility of the body’s connective tissues and joints.


By incorporating breath work and a mindful focus into my training programs, I bring a sense of calmness and clarity to the athlete's mind, allowing them to concentrate on what they want to achieve instead of focusing on what they may have done wrong or could of done differently. It is important to focus on what is going to strengthen you in all aspects of your performance. Bringing this mindfulness to the athletes promotes team building and a positive competitive environment. Dropping what you know and opening your mind to a bigger possibility can leave an athlete feeling empowered and motivated to compete on an entirely new level of performance.

Photo Credit: Michael O'Neil