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The best thing about Kris Brooks is that she isn’t a talker, she’s a doer.  On top of being an outstanding yoga instructor, she has extensive experience working with athletes (such as  hockey and football), she has learned the power of discipline through the sport of boxing. and is well versed in other forms of cross training.  I’ve had the opportunity to train with some of the best athletes and trainers in the country and Kris is on her way to that type of pedigree.  She’s focused yet fluid, aggressive yet practical and is always looking to push boundaries.  She’s also trustworthy, which is huge for athletes.  We only get one body and one opportunity, if we are lucky, we get to make a living with that body.  Having said that, we cannot afford to place our bodies in the hands of just anyone.  It’s great to have someone like Kris around, because I know I am in good hands.  


It is often said great things come in small packages.  Though a small package, Kris Brooks has colossal willpower and drive.  In a short time, she has built an expansive network of athletes and yogis and I look forward to seeing what the future has for her! 

Mike Metcalf Jr

Co-Pit Coach at Chip Ganassi Racing. Fueler in Nascar’s Sprint Cup Series. App St Football Alum

Passion is something that can’t be taught.  It can’t be trained in the gym or cultivated in school.  Passion is something that certain people are born with, some more than others.  Kris Brooks is the embodiment of passion.  Her never-quit mentality and desire to see her athletes grow is just the tip of her coaching iceberg, one that runs deep and wide into a space most people are afraid to go yet find comfort there when being led by Kris.  Her spirit is inspiring and her focus, knowledge and heart for the individuals and teams she trains demonstrates the true character, which she not only coaches with but lives life.  Yoga is the modality, used to transform people into better versions of themselves.  It is the vessel used to show people where they’re potential lies and how to exceed their own expectations. If you are ready to start your journey to greater performance, consistency, health and happiness, Kris Brooks is the one that can take you there. After all, passion always wins!

Greg Morin

4-Time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Coach & Owner of P1 Performance Group

I have played ice hockey for 14 years at high school, club collegiate, amateur pro and weekly league levels.    While it is currently not a goal for me to pursue an athletic sport as a profession, my life would not be complete without sports.  I have raced go-karts nationally for 12 years, played competitive volleyball, ran marathons and mud runs – you name it, I’ve probably tried it.  I had tried yoga before but the practice just didn’t resonate with me, I didn’t find it challenging enough.  When I met Kris, my opinion of yoga and its ability to dramatically increase performance, was forever changed.  Taking only one class a week with Kris I saw a HUGE increase in my endurance, flexibility and hand eye coordination.  She also has a very unique way of including a powerful mental empowerment aspect to a workout, which leaves you balanced and confident by the of the session.  Whether you’re an everyday athlete like me, or pursing athletic perfection professionally I would HIGHLY encourage you to let Kris Brooks help you reach your goals.

Erica Bear

Everyday Athlete

"Kris combines her knowledge of mobility and yoga with her knowledge of hockey to personalizing her coaching. She speaks to me as a player and demonstrates proper movement patterns that have allowed me to advance on the ice. As a hockey player, I have benefitted from these lessons during my off season by increasing my balance and opening my hips, while mentally preparing me for the upcoming season."

Matt Leon

Goalie Geneseo Hockey

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